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TTIP: A reality check on procurement markets

A new think tank paper says EU and US government procurement markets are similarly closed to foreign bidders, and that TTIP is a good opportunity for Washington and Brussels to look at improvements in national legislations. But the EU’s current approach to procurement in international trade, which is to threaten its …

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INTERVIEW: End of US crude oil export ban – consequences for TTIP and the climate

Late 2015, the United States unexpectedly liberalised its exports of crude oil, a move that infuriated climate activists, but pleased Europeans concerned about the continent’s energy security, and raised EU hopes an energy chapter in ongoing TTIP negotiations could become a reality. In an exclusive interview with Borderlex, Carnegie’s David Livingston …

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COMMENT – After TPP: don’t expect a US ‘pivot’ to TTIP so soon

European hopes that the conclusion of the Transpacific Partnership might lead Washington to dedicate more attention to TTIP will soon be dashed. If Europeans want the United States to give priority to TTIP, Brussels and the member states will need to overcome their self-referential politics on the transatlantic deal and make themselves more attractive as partners. Iana …