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The WTO’s new ‘Geneva Package’: What’s been agreed?

WTO trade ministers have brought the institution’s 12th ministerial to a successful conclusion with a compromise deal on a package of measures on a TRIPS waiver, agriculture, fisheries and WTO reform. The deal, which has been christened the ‘Geneva Package’ by diplomats, also includes a 2-year extension of the existing …

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‘Cautious optimism’ as WTO delegations make final preparations for MC12

WTO director-general Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has said she is “increasingly cautiously optimistic” that an overall compromise deal can be reached on the various issues at stake at next week’s WTO ministerial conference, according to a WTO official. This assessment followed a ‘stocktaking’ meeting of the WTO’s ruling General Council on Tuesday …

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WTO Corner: Fish subsidy talks, EU vs China “anti-suit” injunctions

Fisheries subsidies negotiators sat down again properly for talks after the postponement of the late 2021 ministerial meeting. The EU is bringing a new big-ticket case against China in the WTO regarding what it basically sees as Chinese court extra-territorial over-reach on patent protections. By Chris Horseman and Iana Dreyer.

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WTO Corner: Fish subsidies move to end game, IP waiver negotiations now weekly

Chris Horseman and Robert Francis on the latest developments in the two critical negotiations at the WTO on fisheries subsidies and on intellectual property.  Plans for revised compromise text as WTO fish talks enter end-game A fresh revised text of the planned WTO agreement on fisheries subsidies is expected to …