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Azevêdo backs Macron’s call for ‘complete update’ of WTO rules

It’s time for the World Trade Organization to be modernised and strengthened, says WTO chief Roberto Azevêdo, backing calls by French President Emmanuel Macron for an overhaul of global trade rules.   Macron told leaders at the annual Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development forum yesterday that the world’s biggest …

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Beyond Brussels: US trade measures, WTO member reactions – where we stand

A lot can happen in just a week – and when it comes to trade, most of what’s happening these days involves the US. This week was no exception, as India complained about American duties on steel and aluminium, and the Trump administration initiated a national security probe into automobile …

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WTO: With new US envoy comes softer subsidy notifications text

The same day that Dennis Shea was sworn in as the top US envoy to the World Trade Organization, Washington submitted a revised proposal to toughen up rules for countries to meet deadlines for notifying agricultural subsidies and other trade measures. Although there were no changes in the proposed penalties …