WTO crisis and reform

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THINK TANK: Subsidies wars and supply chain diversification efforts

Preventing a subsidies war, export restrictions, non-economic objectives, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and reducing critical dependencies have all been in the spotlight for international think tanks. Here are some highlights from the last fortnight, where heavy-hitters have chimed into today’s existential debates on the future of the trading system.

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Blog: Climate change, migration and trade policy – how to enable sustainable development

Borderlex hosted a panel discussion at the World Trade Organization’s Public Forum in Geneva on ‘How trade policy can make (climate) migration work’. Below you will find some key take-aways from this session, including quickly actionable policy recommendations. ***

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INTERVIEW – Arancha González: Trade doesn’t work in isolation from good domestic policies

WTO member countries must align their domestic policies with their trade policy if the benefits of globalisation are to be fully realised – and accepted by the population. This was the core message from academic and former senior trade official Arancha González in a wide-ranging interview with Borderlex at the …

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Perspectives: Europe needs to brace for durable divergence on trade policy with US

Proposals to raise tariffs all-round by presidential candidate Donald Trump, the release of a book by his former trade representative Robert Lighthizer, and a speech of the current holder of that position at the G20 Trade Ministers meeting show the extent of trade and WTO-scepticism in the United States. The …