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ITA-II – or how trade multilateralism has become a Chinese puzzle

The much vaunted so-called ITA-II deal that expands the 1996 World Trade Organization’s Information Technology Agreement reached in Geneva on 24 July will be obsolete very quickly, argues Hosuk Lee Makiyama. Also, contrary to frequently aired views, the agreement is not likely to revive the multilateral system. The deal shows that final compromises …

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‘Environmental goods’ trade talks: EU settles for limited ambition for December deadline

EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström outlined the EU’s current approach to the ‘environmental goods agreement’ under negotiation among seventeen World Trade Organization members.  Realism in what can be achieved by an initial December deadline for concluding talks has set in, as Brussels aims for a two-step approach and a “living agreement” that can be updated over …

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Blog: EU’s preferential services offer to least developed economies – devil in details

Last week’s EU initiative to offer preferential access to its services market to the least-developed-economies (LDCs) , mostly sub-Saharan African, which are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), has created a buzz, and clearly is a positive move. Yet whether this is really a good offer for LDCs remains unclear: the sectors up for opening cited so far by …