World Trade Organization

World Trade Organization

In brief: European Union ratifies WTO Trade Faciliation Agreement

  The European Parliament ratified the Trade Facilitation Agreement today. The deal was signed at the last Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation in Bali in December 2013. China formally adopted the agreement last week. The FTA is the only successful component of the fourteen-year-old Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations so far.   …

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ITA-II – or how trade multilateralism has become a Chinese puzzle

The much vaunted so-called ITA-II deal that expands the 1996 World Trade Organization’s Information Technology Agreement reached in Geneva on 24 July will be obsolete very quickly, argues Hosuk Lee Makiyama. Also, contrary to frequently aired views, the agreement is not likely to revive the multilateral system. The deal shows that final compromises …