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The WTO’s new ‘Geneva Package’: What’s been agreed?

WTO trade ministers have brought the institution’s 12th ministerial to a successful conclusion with a compromise deal on a package of measures on a TRIPS waiver, agriculture, fisheries and WTO reform. The deal, which has been christened the ‘Geneva Package’ by diplomats, also includes a 2-year extension of the existing …


MC12 update: A moment of truth

World Trade Organization negotiators were arguing late into the night on Wednesday in last-ditch negotiations to try and forge a compromise deal to rescue the ministerial negotiations from the prospect of ignominious failure. Chris Horseman reports in Geneva.

MC12 World Trade Organization WTO crisis and reform WTO Fish

‘Cautious optimism’ as WTO delegations make final preparations for MC12

WTO director-general Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has said she is “increasingly cautiously optimistic” that an overall compromise deal can be reached on the various issues at stake at next week’s WTO ministerial conference, according to a WTO official. This assessment followed a ‘stocktaking’ meeting of the WTO’s ruling General Council on Tuesday …