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The WTO’s new ‘Geneva Package’: What’s been agreed?

WTO trade ministers have brought the institution’s 12th ministerial to a successful conclusion with a compromise deal on a package of measures on a TRIPS waiver, agriculture, fisheries and WTO reform. The deal, which has been christened the ‘Geneva Package’ by diplomats, also includes a 2-year extension of the existing …

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WTO e-commerce negotiators seek to enlist more developing countries, accelerate talks

The strictly ‘multilateral’ dimension of the World Trade Organization seems to be in a rut, with the postponement of the 12th ministerial conference having thrown negotiations on issues such as fish subsidies or agriculture into further uncertainty. But, postponement or not, WTO crisis or not, a large subset of members …

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Perspectives: WTO plurilateral agreements should be welcomed

News of agreement on the Joint Statement Initiative on Services Domestic Regulation were a highlight of last week’s World Trade Organization’s Public Forum. Given that full-blown multilateral deals look unlikely in the immediate future in the global trade institution, deepening the trade rulebook among selected countries is better than the …