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Week in Brussels: Mercosur, China, single market, Moldova, MC13

This week was dominated by the publication of the European Commission’s Economic Security Strategy on Wednesday. The European Parliament’s trade committee also waved through three separate agreements covering trade and investment. But is there still scope for the EU-Mercosur deal to be finalised in this mandate? And how did Chinese …

Economic security Export controls dual use Latest news

European Commission aims to make FDI screening mandatory

The European Commission has released a long-anticipated package aiming at enhancing what it terms its “economic security”. Today’s package includes one single concrete legislative proposal to amend an existing regulation on foreign direct investment screening. Other proposals on dual-use exports and potentially screening outbound investments are still in an early …

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INTA roundup: EU New Zealand FTA, Mercosur, FDI screening

The international trade committee held a particularly intense session on Monday and Tuesday (23 & 24 October). MEPs adopted a short resolution on Taiwan and are preparing a report on the EU Southern African Development Community Economic Parternship Agreement – more later. Below, a sample of other notable developments or …

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Commission rolls out soft method to secure critical technologies

The European Commission is asking member states to “conduct collective risk assessments” in the areas of advanced semiconductor technologies, artificial intelligence, quantum and biotechnologies by the end of 2023. The recommendation, which, as its name indicates is not a piece of hard law, is the first attempt at rolling out …

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‘Economic security’: EU looks to toughen up its export control regime

Like so many other European Commission ‘communications’, the economic security strategy is mainly a means to spell out and join up already existing economic policies the EU has adopted to respond to growing global geopolitical turbulence. So what’s new about the new document unveiled today?

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Interview: EU Chips Act is yesterday’s answer to tomorrow’s problems

The Russian war in Ukraine, the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, and current geopolitical tensions are shining a light on countries’ economic and strategic dependencies, and no more so than on the supply of semiconductors. In response, the European Commission last year put forward its “Chips Act”, which promises €42 …