EU trade policies

EU trade policies

Blog: INTA’s Top 5 – Who are they?

[sh_light_text ]The international trade committee (INTA) in the European parliament was fully set up yesterday. The chairman and four vice-chair persons were approved. Who are these MEPs and how do they stand on current trade dossiers, such as TTIP, trade preferences and relations with developing countries, investment protection issues, EU-China relations, …

EU trade policies

Analysis: The European Parliament in EU trade policy – its real powers and possible role after the May 25 elections

[sh_light_text ]The European Parliament (EP) has gained much more power in decision-making on trade policy in the European Union (EU) since the Lisbon Treaty came into force in late 2009. Ghent University’s Lore Van den Putte, Ferdi De Ville and Jan Orbie  have analysed its behaviour and decision-making patterns over …

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Editor’s Column – Global value chains: Is Europe’s trade policy fit for purpose?

[sh_light_text]Is European Union (EU) trade policy fit for the 21st century global value-chain world? The way we view international trade is changing. Today’s most competitive businesses are those which are plugged into transnational production networks. Trade policy thus increasingly needs to focus on reducing the costs of doing business internationally …