EU trade policies

Asia China

We’re too busy! says Commission to Taiwan

With the giant TTIP and TiSA negotiations off the agenda in the coming months and possibly years one would believe trade officials in the European Commission would have some extra time on their hands to deal with other negotiations and trade files.   Yet there’s one file they are clearly …

Social & human rights

Conflict minerals sourcing due diligence to become mandatory by 2021

The Council, the Commission and the European Parliament have reached a ‘political’ agreement on the shape of a long-awaited EU regulation aiming at eliminating minerals such as gold, tantalum and tungsten from war torn-regions (for example in Central Africa) from European companies’ supply chains.   In 2014, the Parliament sent back to …

United States

In brief: Obama and Merkel on TTIP

Still talking about TTIP?   Well TTIP, the controversial transatlatantic trade agreement launched in 2013 is not for now. With Donald Trump just elected as US president, the Obama administration winding down and the French and Germans bracing for difficult elections next year.   Yet the two most powerful players in the TTIP game …