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Beyond Brussels: WTO tensions deepen over intellectual property, steel, Appellate Body

The World Trade Organization’s General Council meeting on Wednesday highlighted the deepening rift between the US and other members over steel, intellectual property and Appellate Body nominations. There seems to be no way out  of the crisis for now.

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WTO: EU, US and Japanese silence on steel measures speaks louder than words

The EU, the US and India came under fire today for measures to protect their steel and solar cell industries. But what’s more interesting is what wasn’t said during the meeting of the World Trade Organization’s Safeguards Committee.   WTO members criticised the EU’s ‘safeguard’ investigation into steel as well …

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Comment: WTO crisis, Trump, and the EU’s credibility challenge

The EU is struggling to find a consistent, coherent and efficient strategy approach to the US administration’s choking off of the World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body and to its unilateral tariffs on steel and aluminium.   There is a lot of back-and-forth in the background – both in Brussels and …

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Beyond Brussels: Trump targets ‘brutal’ EU in speech to farm-state officials

US President Donald Trump’s decision to study rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership talks and his suggestion that a trade war with China could be averted if Beijing opened its market to more American goods grabbed the headlines yesterday. But he also had a few things to say – none of them very …

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Deng: Double whammy of EU steel safeguards and US duties would be ‘disaster’ for Taiwan

A decision by the EU to slap safeguards on foreign steel would have severe repercussions in Taiwan, whose exports of the alloy to the US are already subject to 25% duties, says Taiwan’s top trade negotiator. Without an exemption from the US tariffs – something Taiwan has tried and failed to …

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Section 232: China’s WTO complaint calls US metals duties discriminatory

China is the first country to lodge a legal challenge to US tariffs on steel and aluminium that officials from other World Trade Organization members, including the EU, say violate global trade laws. Beijing says the duties are discriminatory, because the US gave exemptions to some trade partners but not …