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EU triggers TCA dispute settlement mechanism in row over UK fishing ban

The European Commission initiated dispute settlement proceedings against the United Kingdom over a British ban on fishing for sandeel in UK waters.  The European Union’s move was announced today in Brussels.   It represents the first time that either side has made use of the dispute settlement provisions under the EU-UK …

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South Africa poultry trade dispute: panel rebuffs EU financial, customs union claims

August is traditionally quiet in European Union trade policy making. Here’s this month’s main Brussels trade story so far. A panel of arbitrators appointed under the 2016 Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and the Southern African Development Community ruled on 3 August that an import safeguard on frozen chicken …

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Comment: EU Korea labour panel is milestone in Brussels’ labour right strategy

The panel report in the dispute between the EU and South Korea released today will be seen as a milestone in the European Union’s fundamental trade-related labour rights enforcement strategy, even if does not satisfy many political demands of the left-of-centre in the European Parliament nor of European labour unions.

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Korea to EU: labour commitments in FTA not a legal obligation

The European Union brought its first dispute under a bilateral free trade agreement against Korea. The EU alleges that Korea’s failure to ratify several International Labour Organisation core conventions, in particular Convention 87 on freedom of association of workers, is a breach of its terms under their 2010 trade pact. …

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Blog: Dispute settlement update – South Africa, Spanish olives, Appellate Body, Boeing

EU-South Africa frozen chicken dispute notched up one level further After 18 months of consultations the EU decided to request a formal panel in its long-standing dispute with the Southern African Developing Community over the latter’s safeguard on imports of frozen bone-in chicken. The EU criticises the data and the …