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Week in Brussels: Mercosur, China, single market, Moldova, MC13

This week was dominated by the publication of the European Commission’s Economic Security Strategy on Wednesday. The European Parliament’s trade committee also waved through three separate agreements covering trade and investment. But is there still scope for the EU-Mercosur deal to be finalised in this mandate? And how did Chinese …

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Week in Brussels: EP Plenary special – CETA, India, Tajikistan, Chinese influence, ports, e-bikes

Whilst world leaders and business executives were busy networking in Davos, the European Parliament this week held a packed plenary session in Strasbourg. Parliamentarians adopted a number of reports on the EU’s trade relations with Canada, India, and Central Asia, with a focus on Tajikistan’s application to join the GSP+ …

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In-depth: EU FDI screening gets more traction

The European Commission reports that there is noticeable progress among EU member states in adopting or strengthening their inward FDI screening mechanisms since Russia attacked Ukraine in March 2022. The commission is expected to obtain greater support for its plan to strengthen the existing EU-wide investment screening mechanism from at …

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‘Economic security’: EU looks to toughen up its export control regime

Like so many other European Commission ‘communications’, the economic security strategy is mainly a means to spell out and join up already existing economic policies the EU has adopted to respond to growing global geopolitical turbulence. So what’s new about the new document unveiled today?

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Week in Brussels: EU-US, Korea digital partnership, FDI screening, Chips Act, Mercosur

A lot of micro-stories this week in trade policy in Brussels that could become significant over time. Below an update on the EU US Trade and Technology Council, digital partnerships, FDI screening, the Chips Act and Mercosur. By Rob Francis and Iana Dreyer.

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FDI report shows Commission light-touch approach to supervising transactions

Direct investments into the EU from China are on the retreat and the trend could persist, finds the European Commission in its first official report on foreign direct investment and member state screening activities. The report is part of an annual exercise foreseen under a new EU-level screening regulation.  The …

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FDI screening: Commission expands scope of covered EU funded projects

The European Commission is broadening the coverage of its two-year-old investment screening regulation to include new EU-funded technological projects. On the face of it, the expansion is relatively modest. But it marks another step in the EU’s shift to taking care of its ‘strategic autonomy’ both in the security and …

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Comment: Strategic foresight report heralds tightened investment, trade policies

The European Commission released a 2021 Strategic Foresight Report. This report is is an important signalling device on where Brussels intends to take the EU in the coming years with the blessing of its most powerful member states. And that path clearly heralds a trend towards more investment and trade …