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Week in Brussels: MEPs, Indonesia, services, Algeria, Korea

This week has been dominated by the fallout from last weekend’s EU elections. Read our analysis here. On Wednesday the commission also announced new provisional tariffs on China-made electric vehicles. In our roundup this week: the key MEPs on trade who will be returning to the parliament – and those …

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EU parliament and trade after the elections: less ‘green’, more open to deals?

The European Parliament elections closed on Sunday evening with one major result: a centre that is holding amidst a predicted far right surge. In the area of trade policy MEPs might well become more open to deal making, but the EU’s overall direction of travel will be harder to read …

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Week in Brussels: No EU-US deals, forced labour, Slovakia infringement, new EPP trade man

Most of the talk in Brussels this week has focused on today’s EU-US summit in Washington. An important milestone was reached in the EU’s road to introducing a ban on products made with forced labour. We also learned that foreign direct investment screening is gaining more momentum in the EU. …

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Corporate sustainability due diligence: MEPs make it harder to sue directors

The European Parliament voted on the high-profile Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence directive. The voting contest involved extra last-minute centre-right amendments in plenary. The single one adopted in the end could, if it survives inter-institutional negotiations, make it harder to sue company directors.

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Mercosur FTA: EU readies for environmental annex

The centre-left Socialists and Democrats group want the European Parliament to be involved in scrutinising the additional instrument on sustainability which will be attached to the EU-Mercosur trade agreement. Speaking in a meeting of the parliament’s delegation to Brazil on Thursday (10 November), Kathleen Van Brempt, who also sits on …