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Week in Brussels: Trusted trader scheme audit, IRA

This week’s trade highlight in Brussels was a decision to introduce a temporary import safeguard on certain agricultural goods from Ukraine in five countries and until June – and a further decision to liberalise fruit and vegetables trade for Moldova. All this was capped by European Commission executive vice president …

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EU eyes critical raw material duty suspensions as part of new strategy

The European Commission released today a long-announced critical raw materials communication and a flanking Critical Raw Materials Act. The document spells out how the EU is planning to reduce its vulnerability to disruptions to critical raw materials supplies as demand for these products is inexorably rising as it rolls out …

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Opinion: Stop obsessing about Washington, make better climate, China policies

The European Commission obtained very little from Washington in terms of concessions on the Inflation Reduction Act this week. There is in fact, little the EU can do to see the United States change course. In many ways the whole diplomatic episode around US clean tech subsidies that began in …

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Blog : More of the same? On the EU’s Green Deal Industrial Plan

Those in the trade policy world who are looking for some big bang announcement from the European Commission as part of its ‘response’ to the United States Inflation Reduction Act will be disappointed – or relieved, depending on their point of view. The Green Deal Industrial Plan, a leaked version …

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Analysis: Pecularities of the upgraded EU Chile trade agreement

The EU and Chile recently concluded negotiations to upgrade a twenty-year old Association Agreement that includes a free trade agreement. The text is now available So: what’s particularly interesting about this agreement? By Chris Horseman, Rob Francis and Iana Dreyer.