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Comment: EU 2024 elections could herald a trade policy of the ‘returns coordinator’

The far-right shift in European Union mainstream politics is set to reach a new stage in the coming parliament elections. It has already infected the EU’s trade policy as witnessed by interinstitutional negotiations over trade preferences for developing countries.  Will the infection spread  to other trade policy areas in the …

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Blog: Climate change, migration and trade policy – how to enable sustainable development

Borderlex hosted a panel discussion at the World Trade Organization’s Public Forum in Geneva on ‘How trade policy can make (climate) migration work’. Below you will find some key take-aways from this session, including quickly actionable policy recommendations. ***

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EU continues to chide Bangladesh labour practices

The European Commission remains concerned about Bangladesh’s commitments to align its labour laws with international standards as required under the conditions of its current trading relationship with the EU, despite the country successfully ratifying relevant International Labour Conventions linked to forced labour and the minimum working age.

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Perspectives – “Mirror clauses”: a new name for an old debate

The French suggestion to introduce “mirror clauses” in trade agreements is horrifying WTO purists but reflects the demands of many pressure groups. While this may be yet another instrument to delay the signature of free trade agreements, the idea of balancing open trade and wider societal considerations is not new …

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Perspectives: Let’s carefully embrace ‘conditional’ trade

The European Union and United Kingdom are among those actively reconsidering the traditional links between trade policy and broader public policy objectives such as tackling climate change. While not without risks, conditioning access to one’s market on a trading partner addressing such global challenges seems the best way forward to …