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Interview: Nairobi shows WTO is still a player in trade negotiations

The last Nairobi WTO ministerial conference in Nairobi did not reaffirm the original mandate of the 2001 Doha Development Agenda, to the disappointment of some WTO members. It has nonetheless delivered significant results, and shown that the WTO is sill a player in global trade negotiations, argues Stuart Harbinson* in a an exclusive interview with Borderlex’s …

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ITA-II – or how trade multilateralism has become a Chinese puzzle

The much vaunted so-called ITA-II deal that expands the 1996 World Trade Organization’s Information Technology Agreement reached in Geneva on 24 July will be obsolete very quickly, argues Hosuk Lee Makiyama. Also, contrary to frequently aired views, the agreement is not likely to revive the multilateral system. The deal shows that final compromises …

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Data ‘crunch time’ for EU trade policy?

[sh_light_text ]The digital sector, currently the most dynamic growth area in an otherwise gloomy economy, is jeopardised by inconsistent and costly privacy laws that conflate government spying, privacy issues, and the desire to prop up local companies: this is a concern that businesses and analysts are increasingly becoming vocal about. Iana Dreyer examines what exactly worries …