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Week in Brussels: Mercosur, Ukrainian grain, raw materials, SMEI, South Korea

The highlight of this week in Brussels – indeed, one of the highlights of the political calendar – was the annual State of the Union speech given by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday (13 September). Borderlex covered von der Leyen’s core announcement, that of an anti-subsidy …

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Week in Brussels: Australia, Ukraine, next EU commission, circumventions

This week officially marked the “rentrée”, when (most) EU officials are back at the desks and the EU institutions become fully operational. And it will be a busy autumn – check out our preview of the EU legislative and trade negotiation agenda for the next few months. This week some …

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Think tank: Russian LNG, Net Zero Industry Act, CSDD in Vietnam

This week it’s Brussels’ Bruegel that isn’t pulling any punches on critical EU policies on Russian gas and net-zero technologies.  The Institute for European Environmental Policy is proposing ways to implement the new EU sustainability due diligence regulations in countries such as Vietnam.