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Week in Brussels: Protecting EU infrastructure, CSDDD, Chile, Kenya, SADC

While the world waits for an outcome to the 13th WTO ministerial conference in Abu Dhabi this week – which has gone overtime – here are other news not so much from Brussels than from Strasbourg.. European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen talked tough on hostile foreign actors being …

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Week in Brussels: US tariffs, Kenya, Chile, Indonesia

During yesterday’s summit in Brussels EU leaders agreed to launch EU accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. Earlier this week the EU institutions also reached a deal on new legislation obliging companies to undertake due diligence measures across their supply chains. For the rest of this week’s EU trade news, …

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European Parliament committee eyes ratification of African deals for early 2024 

The European Parliament’s international trade committee looks set to ratify agreements with two African countries in January.  During today’s committee meeting in Brussels a majority of parliamentarians gave oral backing to the Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and Kenya, negotiations for which were concluded in June.  Committee members …