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Trade: the EU’s rising exposure to pressure and blackmail

The EU’s trade policy is being renationalised under the pressure of national governments seeking to regain control over an exclusive competence of the EU and of Brexit. The European bloc is thereby becoming increasingly exposed to new political pressures and blackmail at home and abroad. A pamphlet by Iana Dreyer.

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CETA: Commission caves in to member state political pressure, declares deal is ‘mixed’

The Commission’s intentions to declare CETA an EU-only agreement, loudly announced last week by President Jean-Claude Juncker, have backfired. Amidst a pushback from powerful member states, including France and Germany, the Commission has decided to declare CETA “mixed” and prioritised its coming into force provisionally as early as possible.   …

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CETA ratification saga: EPP endorses Commission view – France ready to block

The CETA ratification saga continues unfolding. There’s been a stir since Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced on Wednesday that the Commission would put the Canada EU trade deal CETA to the member states next week with the suggestion that it is a deal that falls under the exclusive competence of …

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Berlin consternation in face of CETA national parliament bypass push

EU Commission President Juncker weighed in: the Commission sees CETA, the trade deal with Canada, as falling under “exclusive” EU competence and thus not requiring ratification by national parliaments. This is causing consternation in Berlin, though there are differences in point of view between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party and …

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CETA: Dutch MPs call on Commission to wait for Singapore CJEU verdict before applying Canadian deal provisionally

Members of the upper and lower house of the Dutch parliament have called on the Commission to wait for the verdict of the Court of Justice of the EU before applying CETA ‘”provisionally” and to clarify the notion of what timeframe the notion of “provisional” entails.   CETA, the EU …