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Week in Brussels: Mercosur, Ukrainian grain, raw materials, SMEI, South Korea

The highlight of this week in Brussels – indeed, one of the highlights of the political calendar – was the annual State of the Union speech given by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday (13 September). Borderlex covered von der Leyen’s core announcement, that of an anti-subsidy …

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EU Mercosur update

This week Brussels is very focused on the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement, with political battle lines being drawn in the EU but also on the other side of the Atlantic ahead of a push to get the deal, initially concluded in 2019, over the finishing line.

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Week in Brussels: Forced labour, GSP, Mercosur dilly dallying

It’s been a big week for those looking at supply chain management, with the corporate sustainability due diligence regulation moving ahead in in parliament and MEPs starting to look at the EU’s planned forced labour product ban. Also the international trade committee of the European Parliament voted in favour of …

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Week in Brussels: EU Switzerland negotiations, Austria vs Mercosur, due diligence

There could be new developments in the EU-Switzerland bilateral negotiations. And Austria throws spanners into the wheels of Mercosur. Below, an overview of what’s happened in the background on trade policy in the EU this week. That comes on top of the launch of FTA talks with Thailand and new …

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EU, Mercosur pick up deal discussion

The EU and Mercosur blocs have agreed on a “work schedule for the first half of 2023” in an attempt to agree on additional sustainability provisions to be inserted within the bilateral association agreement. In meetings this week in Buenos Aires, negotiators from the two sides discussed “the three dimensions …

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Week in Brussels: Ukraine duty suspensions, Mercosur politics comeback

Subsidies, digital and Indo-Pacific, but also Ukraine and Mercosur. These currently are the bread-and-butter trade issues in Brussels – and developments this week were very representative. Von der Leyen announces duty suspension extension for Ukraine European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced on Thursday (2 February) an extension to …