A week in Brussels Canada and CETA EEA EFTA Latest news Turkey & Med

Week in Brussels: Türkiye, EEA, economic security, French-and-CETA 

This week European Union trade ministers met to formally discuss competitiveness, trade with Africa and the World Trade Organization. But major issues such as trade disputes with China, the EU-Israel association agreement and economic security cropped up despite not being on the agenda.  By Rob Francis and Iana Dreyer.

A week in Brussels Chile CSDDD & forced labour Latest news Switzerland Ukraine

Week in Brussels: Chile, Switzerland, due diligence, forced labour, Ukraine

It was another busy week of voting in Brussels, as lawmakers continued to finalise the remaining legislation before the break for the European Union elections in June. This week also saw the launch of trade negotiations with the Philippines, a provisional agreement on rules governing Ukrainian agriculture imports and a proposal …

A week in Brussels CSDDD & forced labour Customs, RoOs Latest news Switzerland

Week in Brussels: Switzerland, forced labour, customs 

This week European Union institutions have been finalising what remains of the bloc’s packed legislative agenda before the elections in June.   The European Parliament approved the inter-institutional agreement on new forced labour legislation and adopted its position on the EU’s proposed new overhaul of its customs regime.   Parliamentarians also ratified …

Economic sanctions Korea Latest news Switzerland Ukraine, Russia & CIS

Week in Brussels: Belgian presidency, Switzerland, Russian sanctions, South Korea

During the final week of the Brussels working year the EU agreed to extend the current tariff truce with the United States – the US still has to confirm the extension on their side. We also had a rather big announcement that EU-Switzerland negotiations will soon pick up again, while …