Aerial view of a Malaysian palm oil factory © Marufish
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Unsustainable unilateralism: Sanctions or sustainability compliance

Europe’s efforts towards sustainable trade is a paradox. While it successfully works with sticks and carrots for sustainable fisheries, the EU imposes rules on biofuels that cannot be complied with, writes Hosuk Lee-Makiyama.

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ASEAN: An afterthought in EU trade policy?

There’s about one year to go before its top leadership gets renewed. Yet the European Commission risks missing out on the early harvest it reaped in its free trade agreement negotiations with ASEAN members in the first years of this legislature, writes Iana Dreyer.   The EU’s executive is trying …

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A week in Brussels: GSP report, ISDS scrutiny, EU export boom to China

This week in EU trade was marked by a first substantive round of trade negotiations with Chile, as well as a meeting of the EU Korea trade committee dominated by EU recriminations against Korean beef import restrictions and one of its labour union laws. Otherwise it’s been report and data …

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In brief: Sri Lanka gets GSP+ back, Philippines fears losing it

Sri Lanka regained its lost ‘GSP Plus’ status on Friday (19 May 2017).   The country lost the preferential market access status in 2010 following government human right abuses in the context of its crackdown on the Tamil Tiger rebellion.   Since 2015, the new government under Ranil Wickremesinghe has fought hard …

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Exclusive: David Martin on Scotland, Brexit and EU ASEAN trade

  David Martin talks to Hermine Donceel about Scotland after Brexit and EU ASEAN trade relations. Scotland could end up voting to leave the United Kingdom and should be allowed to join EFTA, the MEP reckons. As to EU ASEAN relations, the EU must pay more attention to human rights and …