Aerial view of a Malaysian palm oil factory © Marufish
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Unsustainable unilateralism: Sanctions or sustainability compliance

Europe’s efforts towards sustainable trade is a paradox. While it successfully works with sticks and carrots for sustainable fisheries, the EU imposes rules on biofuels that cannot be complied with, writes Hosuk Lee-Makiyama.

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Week in Brussels: Brazil retaliates, New Zealand, FTAs, Myanmar

This week’s special focus has been transatlantic trade negotiations (here and here) and Brexit-related British trade policy (here, here, here). But we also got an update on EU Taiwan relations. Below other noteworthy news or updates. Brazil retaliates against EU steel safeguards We are facing another episode in the global steel trade …

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Cambodia: Is the EU serious about human rights or is it just fending off a new competitor?

The EU is threatening to suspend imports from Cambodia due to human and labour right violations. But the products under discussion for suspension are precisely those where the EU has a track record of entrenched protectionism.  This looks like a clear case of double standards, opines Iana Dreyer.

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Will commission break limbo on Myanmar and Cambodia rice safeguards?

EU governments are split in the face of proposals by the European Commission to reapply import protections on rice from Cambodia and Myanmar following an import surge from these countries.  The two Asian countries, which qualify as least-developed countries, benefit from duty-free imports of rice under the EU’s General System …

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Blog: Malmström on human rights, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam

The EU recently initiated steps to remove trade preferences reserved for the world’s poorest countries  that were granted to Cambodia and Myanmar. One wonders: is this the right policy course? The policy would lead to the potential laying off of thousands of workers in apparel factories. These have been sprouting …

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Week in Brussels: Cambodia and Myanmar EBA suspension, EU-US, Mercosur

This week has been heavy on World Trade Organization issues (EU’s WTO reform pitch, services domestic regulation talks, US engagement with WTO reforms), the fallout from the new NAFTA,with bits on what’s happening (not) on Britain’s fabulous post- Brexit trade deals. Member states met in Innsbruck today – and there …