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China electric vehicle duties: Commission signals readiness to negotiate

The European Commission has announced the provisional levels of countervailing duties it will be levying on electric vehicles produced in China and signalled that it is ready to negotiate a “mutually agreed solution” with Beijing. The case is a snapshot in the subsidy and industrial battle the EU is waging …

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Week in Brussels: China, circumvention, Türkiye, economic forecast 

The week in trade has been dominated by the United States’ announcement that it will substantially increase tariffs on some Chinese goods, including electric vehicles. The European Commission said it will now “closely study these tariffs and any impact they may have on the EU”. More on that below.  Also …

China Latest news Select anti-subsidy investigations

Commission ends anti-subsidy probe after companies pull out of bid 

Is a pattern emerging? The European Commission closed its anti-subsidy investigation into two consortia linked to China after the two bidders pulled out of a project to run a solar energy park in Romania.  This is the second time that Chinese companies targeted by a probe under the European Unions’s …

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Von der Leyen calls on Xi to address industrial overcapacity

The president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen warned her Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to address Beijing’s manufacturing overcapacity and swingeing subsidies. Speaking following a trilateral meeting in Paris with presidents Xi and Emmanuel Macron of France, von der Leyen said that she “encouraged the Chinese government to …

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China crackdown: Brussels launches first medical devices procurement investigation 

The European Commission launched its first investigation under the European Union’s new International Procurement Instrument, a new regulation that came into force in 2022.   The move is part of a wider crackdown on Chinese companies in the EU market which Brussels considers excessively supported or protected by their home government. 

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Lange: We have a more integrated perspective on trade policy 

Bernd Lange served as chair of the European Parliament’s international trade committee for two terms. In an in-depth conversation with Iana Dreyer, he discussed what changes to EU trade policy occurred under his tenure in this pivotal position, where he sees future relationships with the United States and China – …