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Foreign subsidies: EP trade committee sharpens focus on Chinese-style companies

The European Parliament’s international trade committee has adopted by unanimity its report on the European Union’s coming foreign subsidies regulation. The new piece of legislation aims at subjecting foreign investors to the same type of subsidy control system as EU firms operating in its single market’s state-aide regime. The move …

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Foreign subsidies regulation: ‘like-minded’ non EU business groups raise concerns

Businesses from Australia, India, Japan, Korea and the United States are not necessarily the main targets of the European Union’s new foreign subsidies regulation. But representatives from these countries’ business sectors, some of them among the top investors in the EU, are raising alarm bells about some procedural issues raised …

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Foreign subsidies regulation: Hansen report seeks to minimise international friction

The rapporteur on the coming new EU legislation aimed at tackling distortive foreign subsidies Christophe Hansen presented his draft report on Thursday (13 January) at a hearing that included French trade minister Franck Riester. The rapporteur wants to go fast. He also tabled amendments that seek to minimise international frictions …