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Week in Brussels: Germany set for CETA, CBAM controversy, Pakistan, Kazakhstan

It’s been another big week in EU trade. The European Parliament has now a position on carbon border adjustment, and climate and labour conditionality in free trade agreements is about to get much much tougher. But there are even more big news – as seen below. By Rob Francis and …

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Week in Brussels: Russia sanctions, foreign subsidies trilogue, FAC Trade, Ukraine tariffs

It’s been a decisive week. EU sanctions regime ventures into new* services export restrictions European Union member states finally agreed on a sixth package of sanctions targeting Russia. The highlight of this package is a partial oil embargo – six-month phase in and piped oil excluded – on imports from …

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Foreign subsidies: EP trade committee sharpens focus on Chinese-style companies

The European Parliament’s international trade committee has adopted by unanimity its report on the European Union’s coming foreign subsidies regulation. The new piece of legislation aims at subjecting foreign investors to the same type of subsidy control system as EU firms operating in its single market’s state-aide regime. The move …