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Lange: Nobody would accept a WTO that does not deliver a response to the pandemic

Iana Dreyer and Robert Francis talked to the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee Chair Bernd Lange on what’s next for transatlantic relations and for the World Trade Organisation. He also shared views on the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism and Generalised System of Preferences. We are now several months into …

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EU-US trade: European Parliament report calls for cooperation despite tensions

The European Parliament today adopted a non-legislative report on EU-US relations which emphasises the importance of “reinvigorating” the trade relationship and strengthening the multilateral trading system whilst calling for “renewed cooperation that should bring lasting and concrete results in the years to come.”

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FDI screening: Commission expands scope of covered EU funded projects

The European Commission is broadening the coverage of its two-year-old investment screening regulation to include new EU-funded technological projects. On the face of it, the expansion is relatively modest. But it marks another step in the EU’s shift to taking care of its ‘strategic autonomy’ both in the security and …

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EU GSP review ramps up environmental, labour right pressure on beneficiary countries

The European Commission today published its proposal to review the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences for the period 2024-2034. The EU executive recommends expanding the list of conventions that GSP+ countries need to ratify from 27 to 32, accelerating the preference withdrawal process in case of non compliance, and revising …