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COMMENT: What an ECJ opinion on EU accession to Europe’s foremost human rights convention means for ISDS

Opinion  2/13 anyone? This is a recent legal opinion of the Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice on whether it is legal for the EU to join the European Convention on Human Rights. It has important ramifications for current EU Commission efforts to reform investor-to-state dispute settlement. By Iana Dreyer.    

EU trade policies Free comment

Opinion: New European trade strategy needs rethink in global value chain world

The EU Commission has recently announced there will a new trade policy strategy this autumn. Corinne Vadcar, a Paris-based trade analyst, writes that a completely new approach to trade policy is needed. European trade policy cannot only be about negotiating trade agreements, but about making Europe’s domestic and international economic policies more coherent and helping SMEs join …

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Expert interview : Lifting trade preferences for Bosnia & Herzegovina is counterproductive

In an interview with Iana Dreyer, Bodo Weber, a seasoned Balkans expert at the Berlin-based Democratisation Policy Council, explained why the EU’s move to lift trade preferences granted to Bosnia and Herzegovina collides with Brussels’ recent drive to revive accession talks with Sarajevo. A longer, more detailed, version of the article …