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‘Going WTO’: What will be the UK’s experience as an autonomous World Trade Organization member?

The United Kingdom is putting a lot of faith in its membership of one multinational organisation — the World Trade Organization — as a way of mitigating some of the problems associated with its imminent departure from another (the European Union). But might that faith be misplaced?

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Comment: A US-China trade deal needs some balance and cooperation with US allies

The United States have tried to address long-standing trade concerns with China by using tariffs as a means to put pressure on Beijing. But tariffs won’t likely extract the concessions that Washington is hoping for. A different negotiating tactic involving a balanced agreement with China and cooperation with allies may …

Aerial view of a Malaysian palm oil factory © Marufish
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Unsustainable unilateralism: Sanctions or sustainability compliance

Europe’s efforts towards sustainable trade is a paradox. While it successfully works with sticks and carrots for sustainable fisheries, the EU imposes rules on biofuels that cannot be complied with, writes Hosuk Lee-Makiyama.