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Life after the WTO Appellate Body: the case for more flexible dispute handling

The Appellate Body is dead – long live the WTO! In this column, Wolfgang Weiss discusses alternative ways to uphold compliance with World Trade Organization rules in spite of the current Appellate Body impasse. Weiss argues that the current crisis might alter the way panels apply WTO law.

Justice by Luc Jagi (1925) © WTO
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‘Going WTO’: What will be the UK’s experience as an autonomous World Trade Organization member?

The United Kingdom is putting a lot of faith in its membership of one multinational organisation — the World Trade Organization — as a way of mitigating some of the problems associated with its imminent departure from another (the European Union). But might that faith be misplaced?

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Comment: A US-China trade deal needs some balance and cooperation with US allies

The United States have tried to address long-standing trade concerns with China by using tariffs as a means to put pressure on Beijing. But tariffs won’t likely extract the concessions that Washington is hoping for. A different negotiating tactic involving a balanced agreement with China and cooperation with allies may …