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Comment: EU-China trade and investment files – another five years of impasse?

In a speech to the Brussels business community, Cecilia Malmström set out the European Commission’s approach to China. The trade commissioner’s talk indicates there will likely not be much change in the way Brussels deals with the giant Asian country. European businesses wanting the EU to open more markets in China for them might …

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Comment: Moldova after DCFTA ratification: watch the gas trade, the banks, and, yes, look out for tanks

All eyes are on the Ukraine crisis these days. Today, EU leaders are preparing to issue a new list of individuals active in the breakaway regions of Donbass who will be barred from entering the EU and whose assets will be frozen. But what about Moldova? Without a more thorough strategy to strengthen the …

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Comment: G20 and protectionism: What’s there to (really) worry about?

[sh_light_text ]Has G20 protectionism been talked up too much? The latest World Trade Organization (WTO) report, published jointly with the OECD, on trade restrictive measures in the G20 group of leading industrial economies and emerging markets,  reveals that protectionism has not significantly been on the rise. Yet there are ‘murky’ areas of …

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Comment: Malmström nomination signals desire for continuity – but continuity isn’t necessarily desirable

Photo credit: European Parliament Cecilia Malmström’s nomination hearing in the European Parliament yesterday and the vote in her favour by the body’s trade committee today signal that both the European Commission and the Parliament prefer continuity over a rethink of European trade policy, opines Borderlex’s editor Iana Dreyer.  

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Comment: Not going ballistic – Why Russia won’t start a trade war with Ukraine this time round

[sh_light_text ]High-level officials from the European Union (EU), Ukraine and Russia are holding a ‘trilateral’ meeting in Brussels today. They plan to address Russia’s commercial concerns about the impact the free trade deal (DCFTA) Brussels and Kiev signed in late June might have on its trade with Ukraine. Ukraine and …