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Comment: Why an EU-China investment agreement would not be such a bad thing

[sh_light_text ]China and the European Union (EU) are currently negotiating an international investment agreement (IIA). Both parties place a lot of hopes in the treaty’s effects on foreign investment flows. But these effects will likely be limited. Nonetheless, concluding the agreement is a real opportunity to improve both bilateral and international investment rules, says …

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Editor’s comments: Leaked document on oil, gas & raw materials in TTIP – What’s behind the non-news

[sh_light_text ]A “leaked” EU Commission negotiating text on energy trade in TTIP has made the headlines this week, and is being accused of promoting fracking, the controversial technique to produce shale gas, and US crude oil exports. Iana Dreyer explains why the real secret in this matter is that there is no secret. …

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Comment: Canada-EU CETA – what’s left to be done and why it matters

The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) won’t solve Europe’s energy woes nor end Canada’s reliance on the American market. But both sides have plenty to lose if the agreement is left to languish. Very importantly, CETA sets a new bar for managing investor-state relations. If CETA’s extra specification …