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INTERVIEW: End of US crude oil export ban – consequences for TTIP and the climate

Late 2015, the United States unexpectedly liberalised its exports of crude oil, a move that infuriated climate activists, but pleased Europeans concerned about the continent’s energy security, and raised EU hopes an energy chapter in ongoing TTIP negotiations could become a reality. In an exclusive interview with Borderlex, Carnegie’s David Livingston …

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Interview: Nairobi shows WTO is still a player in trade negotiations

The last Nairobi WTO ministerial conference in Nairobi did not reaffirm the original mandate of the 2001 Doha Development Agenda, to the disappointment of some WTO members. It has nonetheless delivered significant results, and shown that the WTO is sill a player in global trade negotiations, argues Stuart Harbinson* in a an exclusive interview with Borderlex’s …

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Expert interview : Lifting trade preferences for Bosnia & Herzegovina is counterproductive

In an interview with Iana Dreyer, Bodo Weber, a seasoned Balkans expert at the Berlin-based Democratisation Policy Council, explained why the EU’s move to lift trade preferences granted to Bosnia and Herzegovina collides with Brussels’ recent drive to revive accession talks with Sarajevo. A longer, more detailed, version of the article …