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Malmström: We need to nurture our trade relationships with allies

Former EU trade commissioner and non-resident senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics Cecilia Malmström sat down with Borderlex’s Rob Francis and Iana Dreyer to discuss some of the latest shifts in European Union trade policy. Below, excerpts from the conversation on the EU’s shift to ‘open strategic …

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James Bacchus: The WTO simply must prove that it can do something, not just talk

James Bacchus spoke with Rob Francis about the European Union’s carbon border adjustment mechanism, trade in medicines and medical products, how the Biden Administration is progressing on trade policy – and the World Trade Organization in all this. 

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INTERVIEW – EU-US relations and the digital economy: politics, tech or trade?

The Biden administration is genuinely committed to a partnership with the European Union on issues related to the digital economy. But making new ‘trade and tech’ initiatives announced in the wake of the EU-US summit work will require swift movement and a lot of resources. A conversation with Frances Burwell.