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Interview: EU Chips Act is yesterday’s answer to tomorrow’s problems

The Russian war in Ukraine, the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, and current geopolitical tensions are shining a light on countries’ economic and strategic dependencies, and no more so than on the supply of semiconductors. In response, the European Commission last year put forward its “Chips Act”, which promises €42 …

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INTERVIEW: WTO members need ways to ‘agree to disagree’ on security

Members of the World Trade Organization are increasingly using security as a reason to restrict trade and investment in a discriminatory way. Borderlex’s Iana Dreyer spoke to Mona Paulsen about how they can be made – somewhat – accountable for not abusing their powers. *** Recently described as a ‘black …

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INTERVIEW – WTO needs to consider process and production methods

World Trade Organization members should “look at all the options” available to it for allowing countries to distinguish between products on the basis of how they are produced, according to the chair of the WTO’s committee on trade and the environment. Simon Manley, the UK’s WTO ambassador, said he believed …