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Beyond Brussels: WTO ruling on tobacco packaging may have domino effect on food, drinks

Australia’s landmark win over Big Tobacco at the World Trade Organization paves the way for other countries to roll out similar laws requiring plain packaging for cigarettes and cigars. Yesterday’s ruling could also have implications for alcohol, sugary drinks and junk food packaging.   WTO judges concluded in an 800-page …

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Beyond Brussels: WTO complaints against US duties are similar, but not the same

So far, six World Trade Organization members have lodged complaints challenging President Donald Trump’s assertion that tariffs on steel and aluminium are needed to protect US national security. They are broadly similar, but hardly identical, and some of the differences are quite noteworthy.   More members have ganged together in …

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Beyond Brussels: US says EU snub in Airbus case shows ‘lack of seriousness’ to settle dispute

The US has upped the ante in its war of words with the EU over illegal aid for domestic airplane manufacturers, accusing the bloc of not being serious about complying with a World Trade Organization ruling that faulted European subsidies to Airbus.   Specifically, Washington was offended that the EU …

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Beyond Brussels: US trade measures, WTO member reactions – where we stand

A lot can happen in just a week – and when it comes to trade, most of what’s happening these days involves the US. This week was no exception, as India complained about American duties on steel and aluminium, and the Trump administration initiated a national security probe into automobile …

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Beyond Brussels: Japan threat to retaliate over US metals duties – more bark than bite?

Japan may follow China by striking back against US steel and aluminium tariffs to the tune of $409 million, signalling that Tokyo is tired of trying to win an exemption from the levies through diplomacy. But the fact that Japan is weighing retaliation doesn’t mean it will actually act on …

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Beyond Brussels: WTO tensions deepen over intellectual property, steel, Appellate Body

The World Trade Organization’s General Council meeting on Wednesday highlighted the deepening rift between the US and other members over steel, intellectual property and Appellate Body nominations. There seems to be no way out  of the crisis for now.