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Week in Brussels: EU-US, Angola, Australia

This week has been dominated by talk of a draft agreement between the EU and United States which would levy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium from non-market economies. We cover the reactions to this draft agreement below, as well as the various interpretations about what this would require …

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Week in Brussels: China on EV probe, GSP, anti-coercion, Ukrainian grain

The EU’s anti-subsidy probe into electric vehicles from China continues to dominate discussions in Brussels. This week the EU published its official notice of the investigation, after which Beijing expressed its dissatisfaction. For more on that – and the rest of this week’s EU trade news policy from Brussels, Strasbourg, …

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EU initiates countdown to Chinese electric vehicle anti-subsidy duties

The countdown to likely countervailing duties on imports of electric vehicles from China has officially begun. The anti-subsidy investigation into imports of cars announced mid-September by European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen was published this morning in the European Union’s statute book.

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Week in Brussels: Australia, Ukraine, next EU commission, circumventions

This week officially marked the “rentrée”, when (most) EU officials are back at the desks and the EU institutions become fully operational. And it will be a busy autumn – check out our preview of the EU legislative and trade negotiation agenda for the next few months. This week some …

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EU, Indonesia reignite biodiesel trade squabbles

Welcome back to Borderlex after its small team took a much needed summer break ahead of a packed autumn of trade news to expect in Brussels, London and at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. The most notable news thus far in this scorching-hot European summer is the reignition of …