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Comment: New EU antidumping rules should be WTO-compatible

New EU trade defence rules to adapt to the change in China’s non market economy status should be WTO compatible, MEP Christofer Fjellner warns.   Free and ruled-based trade has served Europe well for a long time. After all, the success of the European Union and its single market rests …

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Metals at heart of fresh EU dispute with China in WTO

Winning a case in the WTO against Chinese restrictions on rare earths back in 2014 was not enough for both the EU and the United States. Early October, Washington launched a new case against continued export restrictions by China on various minerals and metals. This week, the Brussels followed into …

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China MES: EU moves to develop new antidumping methodology could fall afoul of WTO rules

  The EU Commission is misusing antidumping investigations to tackle foreign government interventions. It is also going down that path in its current move to develop a new antidumping calculation methodology as part of plans to grant China market economy treatment. But it is at risk of running afoul of …

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Appellate Body upholds WTO rebuff of EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biodiesel

The WTO’s appellate body upheld an earlier ruling outlawing EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biofuels. The case has broader ramifications for EU antidumping policy going forward as it follows on other converging rulings in the Court of Justice of the EU.

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Trade remedies among top topics on table in EU Indonesia agreement kick-off talks

At a time when EU antidumping methodologies face repeated setbacks either in the WTO or in the Court of Justice of the EU – as highlighted with the latest Appellate Body report on EU duties on Argentinean biofuels – trade remedies have featured highly in the  two-day meetings held between the …