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EU initiates countdown to Chinese electric vehicle anti-subsidy duties

The countdown to likely countervailing duties on imports of electric vehicles from China has officially begun. The anti-subsidy investigation into imports of cars announced mid-September by European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen was published this morning in the European Union’s statute book.

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Week in Brussels: Australia, Ukraine, next EU commission, circumventions

This week officially marked the “rentrée”, when (most) EU officials are back at the desks and the EU institutions become fully operational. And it will be a busy autumn – check out our preview of the EU legislative and trade negotiation agenda for the next few months. This week some …

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Week in Brussels: GSP scheme extension, Chile, ESA, Chinese beer kegs

This week it became clear that the European Commission is trying to wrap up a range of trade policy files before the EU institutions wind down for elections in the spring 2024. Another deadline is looming with the United States too over a deal on critical raw materials and on …