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Week in Brussels: Angola, Ghana, ECT, Chinese subsidies in steel wind towers and glass fiber

That was a big week in EU policy.  There was an intense European Parliament plenary session during which legislation that will affect trade policy and transatlantic or EU China relations, namely the Digital Markets and Digital Services act as well as the International Procurement Instrument. But there have been other …

A week in Brussels EU Carbon Border Measure Latest news Steel

Week in Brussels: EU COVID-19 vax exports, Altmeier for Big Steel, free ETS allowance vs CBAM battle

July 2021 is the month everyone has been waiting for: the EU will officially unveil its carbon border adjustment mechanism. Draft plans were leaked already – now the Big Brussels Lobbying can begin. Also, to round of this intense week in trade policy, some fresh data on EU COVID-19 vaccine …

A week in Brussels Latest news Steel Trade defence

Week in Brussels: WCO reform, TDI, Moroccan tomatoes, Good Administration

It’s been the kind of week that is sprinkled with a slew of ‘little’ news but little that is earth-shattering. Some news were rather big such as the launch of investment promotion agreement negotiations with Angola, the announcement that the EU and Kenya will apply their EPA bilaterally or the …