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Week in Brussels: US steel, EU-ACP, FTAs, Bangladesh, critical minerals, methane, MRA tool

It has been a busy week in Brussels, and the pace is unlikely to slacken as we approach the end of the year. This week Chinese companies complained about the EU’s “de-risking” strategy, the European Parliament moved a step closer to ratifying the EU-Chile agreement, and Borderlex had some insights …

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EU mulls postponing tariffs on US, as steel talks set to continue

By Rob Francis and Iana Dreyer. The European Commission is preparing to table a formal negotiating mandate for member states to endorse towards a Global Arrangement for Sustainable Steel and Aluminium with the United States now that the contours of a deal start emerging, despite the two sides’ failure to …

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Week in Brussels: EU-US, Angola, Australia

This week has been dominated by talk of a draft agreement between the EU and United States which would levy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium from non-market economies. We cover the reactions to this draft agreement below, as well as the various interpretations about what this would require …