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Von der Leyen confirms EU intention to ban imports of products made with forced labour

The European Commission will propose a ban on products made with forced labour, as announced today by its president Ursula Von Der Leyen during her annual State of the Union address in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today. Von der Leyen also announced a new digital connectivity strategy called Digital …

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Perspectives: Let’s carefully embrace ‘conditional’ trade

The European Union and United Kingdom are among those actively reconsidering the traditional links between trade policy and broader public policy objectives such as tackling climate change. While not without risks, conditioning access to one’s market on a trading partner addressing such global challenges seems the best way forward to …

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EU edging closer to granting Uzbekistan GSP Plus trade status

It’s been a long journey for Uzbekistan. The Central Asian country remains one of the world’s most closed and politically repressive countries, but it embarked on a new journey in 2016 after the passing away of Islam Karimov, a particularly cruel dictator. The five-year reform process might lead the country …