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Analysis: Pecularities of the upgraded EU Chile trade agreement

The EU and Chile recently concluded negotiations to upgrade a twenty-year old Association Agreement that includes a free trade agreement. The text is now available So: what’s particularly interesting about this agreement? By Chris Horseman, Rob Francis and Iana Dreyer. 

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Week in Brussels: TTC follow-up, Mercosur woes, essentialising labour and environment in FTAs

It’s been a very busy week, starting with a  transatlantic TTC meeting, continuing with the Australian trade minister coming to Brussels, and a long-awaited trade deal with Chile finally announced today. There’s more that happened. Selection below.

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EU to take time with forced labour ban enactment

The European Commission released its long-awaited legislative proposal aiming at weeding out products from the EU’s market made with forced labour. The EU executive puts the onus on national authorities to monitor imports as well as products that have originated within the EU for signs of forced labour in their …

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ANALYSIS – EU-New Zealand FTA: sustainable development novelties

This article introduces the ‘sustainable development’ aspects within the recently concluded EU New Zealand FTA. The analysis is based on the draft text of the treaty published very recently by the European Commission. By Rob Francis, with a little bit of extra input from Iana Dreyer.