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ANALYSIS – EU New Zealand: goods, services, procurement, investment, digital

This article looks into the market access and business rule dimension of the EU New Zealand free trade agreement – except subsidies, SOEs, competition and intellectual property, which will receive separate attention. The analysis is provided by Chris Horseman and Iana Dreyer based on the draft treaty text recently published …

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FDI screening: Commission expands scope of covered EU funded projects

The European Commission is broadening the coverage of its two-year-old investment screening regulation to include new EU-funded technological projects. On the face of it, the expansion is relatively modest. But it marks another step in the EU’s shift to taking care of its ‘strategic autonomy’ both in the security and …

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EU China investment agreement – where are negotiations at?

The European Union and China have been negotiating a bilateral investment agreement for seven years. Are they anywhere close to concluding a deal? It is not yet entirely clear how mature the negotiations are with China nor how close the parties to having close-to-consolidated treaty language ready for politicians to …