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Top US business lobby weighs in on EU corporate sustainability due diligence legislation

The US Chamber of Commerce is calling for financial services organisations to be left out of the scope of the EU’s future rules on due diligence and wants director’s liability for not ensuring due diligence in their companies to go. The association also criticises the extraterritorial scope of the directive, …

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EU initiates countdown to Chinese electric vehicle anti-subsidy duties

The countdown to likely countervailing duties on imports of electric vehicles from China has officially begun. The anti-subsidy investigation into imports of cars announced mid-September by European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen was published this morning in the European Union’s statute book.

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Blog: Climate change, migration and trade policy – how to enable sustainable development

Borderlex hosted a panel discussion at the World Trade Organization’s Public Forum in Geneva on ‘How trade policy can make (climate) migration work’. Below you will find some key take-aways from this session, including quickly actionable policy recommendations. ***

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EU deforestation regulation: 17 countries want legislation ‘repaired’

Seventeen countries from the Americas, Asia, and Africa wrote to EU leaders at the end of last week expressing “deep concern” at the entry into force of the bloc’s deforestation-free products legislation. In the letter dated 7 September the signatories say the new law “disregards local circumstances and capabilities, national legislations, …

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EU, Indonesia reignite biodiesel trade squabbles

Welcome back to Borderlex after its small team took a much needed summer break ahead of a packed autumn of trade news to expect in Brussels, London and at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. The most notable news thus far in this scorching-hot European summer is the reignition of …

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Week in Brussels: Forced labour in the parliament, GSP “rollover”, MEPs talk Taiwan, EU-Indonesia

This week was dominated by the summit in Brussels between the EU, Latin America, and the Caribbean countries. Read our takeaway from the high-level powwow here. On Thursday (20 July) EU trade commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis met with US trade representative Katherine Tai to try and find a breakthrough in talks …