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Week in Brussels: South Africa hit by steel safeguard, CBAM and ETS, deforestation products

The latest in EU trade policy news: new restrictions on steel from South Africa and MEP calls to restrict more product trade linked to deforestation and give industries a free pass – at least for a time – as CBAM gets rolled out. By Rob Francis and Iana Dreyer.

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Week in Brussels: Strategic Compass, Procurement, CBAM, deforestation

There is fairly little to report back on in matters trade policy in this week of massive high-level meetings in Brussels: a NATO summit, G7 meeting, Council and US president Joe Biden attending all these. There is simply no appetite in the EU –  mainly Germany – to further restrict …

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Deforestation regulation: member states weigh product scope expansion

A majority of EU agricultural ministers today expressed support for the current scope of the European Commission’s proposal to restrict the import of products associated with deforestation and forest degradation. The new government coalition in Germany however is calling for wetlands and savannah ecosystems to be included, and several member …

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EU deforestation product ban: a new compliance burden for developing countries

The European Commission today adopted a draft regulation preventing certain commodities and products from being placed or made available on the EU market if they have caused or contributed to deforestation or forest degradation. The deforestation targeted can be legal or illegal. The measures would be enacted retroactively as from 31 …