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ANALYSIS – EU-New Zealand FTA: sustainable development novelties

This article introduces the ‘sustainable development’ aspects within the recently concluded EU New Zealand FTA. The analysis is based on the draft text of the treaty published very recently by the European Commission. By Rob Francis, with a little bit of extra input from Iana Dreyer.

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Comment: How the EU disconnected itself from the Energy Charter Treaty

Last Friday Energy Charter Treaty diplomats endorsed changes to the agreement after more than two years of ’modernisation’ negotiations. Although the new text has not yet been published, a summary communication released by the ECT secretariat indicates that there will be significant changes. This effectively foreshadows a gradual ‘withdrawal’ of …

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Week in Brussels: Germany set for CETA, CBAM controversy, Pakistan, Kazakhstan

It’s been another big week in EU trade. The European Parliament has now a position on carbon border adjustment, and climate and labour conditionality in free trade agreements is about to get much much tougher. But there are even more big news – as seen below. By Rob Francis and …

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European Parliament endorses export rebates in carbon border adjustment vote

The European Parliament today voted to continue to grant free allocation of CO2 emission allowances to exports from sectors within the scope of the European Commission’s proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism. The rebates would apply to exports destined for third countries without a carbon pricing mechanism.