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MEPs sharpen up their positions on the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism

In today’s first public exchange of views in the European Parliament on the European Commission’s proposed carbon border adjustment measure, MEPs raised issues related to competitiveness and jobs, the timeline for phasing out free allocation of emissions, the sectors covered by the proposal, and export rebates.

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ECJ puts paid to intra-EU Energy Charter Treaty investor-state arbitration

The European Court of Justice declared in a judgment on Thursday (2 September) that the investor-state arbitration system under the Energy Charter Treaty is not applicable within the European Union. This effectively puts an end to ECT arbitration within the EU and will significantly increase the pressure on the ongoing …

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Perspectives: Let’s carefully embrace ‘conditional’ trade

The European Union and United Kingdom are among those actively reconsidering the traditional links between trade policy and broader public policy objectives such as tackling climate change. While not without risks, conditioning access to one’s market on a trading partner addressing such global challenges seems the best way forward to …

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IISD: Canada, EU should seek negotiated agreement on border carbon adjustment

Canada is preparing to introduce a carbon border adjustment measure whose contours are not yet known. Canada and the European Union vowed at a bilateral summit mid-June to “exchange on respective approaches to carbon pricing and WTO-compatible border carbon adjustments”. A think tank is now making concrete proposals on how …

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Commission: CBAM “fully in line with international trade rules”

The European Commission says its proposed Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism complies with the World Trade Organization rule-book. The proposed regulation obliges EU importers of cement, electricity, fertilisers, iron & steel, and aluminium from third countries to purchase annual emission allowances. Their cost will depend on the degree of emissions embedded …

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James Bacchus: The WTO simply must prove that it can do something, not just talk

James Bacchus spoke with Rob Francis about the European Union’s carbon border adjustment mechanism, trade in medicines and medical products, how the Biden Administration is progressing on trade policy – and the World Trade Organization in all this.