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Week in Brussels: Breton data localisation statements, EU US, Vietnam FTA, IP

This week was mainly about the EU getting back into business mode. The main focus has been on preparing the ground for trade negotiations starting next month with the United Kingdom and managing transatlantic relations. More below. Commissioner Breton toys with idea of a data localisation obligations for business data …

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Long read – Self reliance: the emerging EU trade policy trend in a hostile world

The European Commission no longer seems to trust global norms, fora or rule-making negotiations to uphold its interests in digital, competition, industry and trade policy. In fact many norms hardly exist and won’t likely emerge so quickly. The EU’s executive arm has been rethinking its policy toolkit and is seeking …

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E-commerce first round: negotiators focus on finding common ground

Diplomats of more than 75 countries met in Geneva this week to formally start negotiations to set rules for trade in the 21st century in the World Trade Organization. The aim is to achieve a so-called ‘plurilateral’ agreement among a subset of organisation members which others could join later.

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Could developing country projects shield UK tech firms from impact of Brexit?

The United Kingdom’s tech businesses could find a niche role in helping developing countries to ‘climb the cliff-edge’ of dealing with data protection rules and allowing them to participate more fully in the global digital economy. But although developing such business could be a ‘win-win’ from both a commercial and …

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Brussels summit: EU and Japan to work on cyber, e-commerce and multilateralism

Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe reaffirmed his country’s commitment to multilateralism during a summit with European Union leaders ahead of a visit to Washington on Friday. He is also enlisting the EU in his government’s new digital initiatives. Japan is chairing the G20 this year – and is enrolling Europeans …