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Week in Brussels: Cyber, Ireland, Paris Agreement, Netherlands, cocoa

If you think a second wave of COVID-19 lockdowns is nigh, think twice: trade policy activity has never been so busy since European Union countries shut down or went into slow motion last March to await the passing of the pandemic at home. Online or offline: a lot is happening! …

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EU dual-use export control regime overhaul makes headway

European institutions hope they can soon finalise long drawn-out negotiations to expand the scope of the European Union’s 2009 dual-use item export control regulation to cover cyber-surveillance and human rights abuses. The latest version of the regulation foresees room to introduce restrictions on exports in emerging technologies.

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EU business wants ‘positive agenda’ with US – as Schrems II throws new spanners in transatlantic works

Today’s judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union invalidating the 2016 Privacy Shield in force with the United States is throwing further spans in the works of the increasingly tense transatlantic relationship. “Unfortunately, the impact on EU-US trade relations is going to be huge,” reckons Peter Chase, …

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5G Toolbox resorts to traditional trade policy tools to enhance cybersecurity in EU

The European Commission’s long-anticipated policy proposals aimed at enhancing Europe’s new-generation internet’s security will rely on a series of traditional ‘trade policy’ instruments. The EU’s executive body wants these to be rolled out within three months across all member states. Brussels has come up with a unique approach in dealing …

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UK tech industries seeking ‘gold standard’ for digital trade rules in new FTAs

The United Kingdom can play a big part in creating “a new gold standard in digital trade” after it leaves the EU, according to techUK, the industry body for the UK technology sector. Outside of the European Union, the UK can identify and reinforce best practice in opening up markets …