Agriculture Canada and CETA

Canada trade minister: CETA discussions on cheese quota “normal”

After the European Parliament ratified CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Canada after a traumatic approval process in February 2017, Canada’s own ratification of the agreement was deemed a mere formality.   Expectations were that after Canada’s Royal Assent on 16 May 2017 and a Quebec parliament CETA …

Agriculture LatAm & Caribbean Mercosur World Trade Organization

Agriculture: Eleven member states want EU Mercosur talks suspension

The Council meeting on agriculture and fisheries held in Brussels on Monday (12 June 2017) lay bare a deep divide over ongoing trade policy between a group of countries made up of Southern European countries, Ireland, and Central and Eastern European countries, and the rest of the EU.   Eleven countries called on the EU to take a cautious …

Agriculture Ukraine, Russia & CIS

Member states initiate talks with Parliament over Ukraine trade preferences

EU ambassadors revised proposals to increase unilateral trade preferences to Ukraine today (6 June 2017), only a few days after the European Parliament voted to reduce the number of products covered by an offer made to Ukraine several months ago to complement the bilateral free trade agreement – DCFTA – that came into force …