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Week in Brussels: forced labour ban, EU views on MC12, anti-coercion instrument

One can’t say the European Parliament is not working diligently. It shows in this week’s range of trade-related activities. It approved lifting  import duties on Ukraine and expedited its work on the GSP regulation overhaul. Below is a selection of what else happened on trade in parliament this week. By …

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Week in Brussels: anti-coercion, CBAM, GSP

We’ve had an intense week in trade policy. That included a bumper international trade committee meeting, where existing leadership – chair and vice-chairs – were re-elected without much of a fuss. We published what we consider the key stories coming out of the meeting on due diligence and forced labour …

Anti-coercion instrument Latest news

EU foreign ministers: fast-tracked anti-coercion legislation a response to Lithuania crisis

Given a range of other immediately dangerous security crises looming around the EU, not least with next-door Russia over Ukraine, EU member states have been slow in coming together to discuss in depth the lingering crisis over China’s unofficial embargo on exports from Lithuania. But it’s now happened. What the …