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A week in Brussels Energy Charter Treaty Latest news Mercosur

Week in Brussels: Energy Charter Treaty, Mercosur, South Asia, China 

The European Union institutions agreed to extend unilateral liberalisation of trade with Ukraine for another year from June, but at the cost of stricter safeguards on agricultural imports.   The European Commission also launched a preliminary investigation under the EU’s foreign subsidies regulation into subsidies received by certain Chinese wind turbine firms.   …

China Foreign subsidy - regulation and cases Latest news

Foreign subsidies regulation China solar and wind cases: The next steps 

The European Commission is suddenly rolling out on a grand scale a new regulation seeking to clamp down on distortions created in the European Union single market by foreign companies investing in Europe.   The Foreign Subsidies Regulation started operating in October 2023. Six months on, the action the regulation’s unofficial …

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WTO: World trade to grow again after 1.2% fall in 2023 

Global merchandise trade is set to return to growth this year and in 2025, after falling by 1.2% by volume in 2023.   But regional conflicts and geopolitical tensions ‘pose substantial downside risks to the forecast’, the World Trade Organization said.  In its latest ‘Global Trade Outlook and Statistics’ report, published …

Agriculture Latest news Ukraine

European Parliament committee backs curbs on Ukraine agriculture imports 

The European Parliament’s trade committee approved an inter-institutional agreement which would restrict agricultural imports from Ukraine from June.  Parliamentarians backed a deal reached between the parliament and European Union member states yesterday which extends the EU’s current liberalisation measures with Ukraine for another twelve months from 6 June. 

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WTO: Permanent import duty ban challenges e-commerce deal 

The final draft text of the so-called ‘joint statement initiative’ agreement on electronic commerce includes a commitment to refrain from imposing import duties on e-commerce transactions.  If agreed, all 90 negotiation participants will not place tariffs on e-commerce transactions even if the current general World Trade Organization moratorium expires as …